Preorder / Backorder Info

"What is a preorder or backorder, and when will my item ship if I order?"

We offer items for purchase before they're in stock! This is usually for a few reasons, but first let's cover the difference between the two.

Preorder: Ordering an item that has not been released until now, and will be released in the future/ after production time.

Preorders are usually held for our brand new designs/ releases. In pre-ordering, you are guaranteed the product at the best quality of the batch, at the lowest price. We open preorders to gage interest for the new design and help fund the item for production!

Backorder: Ordering an item that was once in stock, but currently is out of stock and will be available in the future.

Backorders are a lot similar to preorders, the only difference being the item was an existing product in our shop. Backorders are also held to gage interest for certain products as well. (Ex. "Everythingoes Sweaters" are on backorder since there are many sizes & colors offered, and it's sometimes hard to understand how many people are interested)

When you order an item that is "on preorder/ backorder" you are purchasing it at the current time, with knowledge that it will be shipped at a future date/ when the items are back in stock. The estimated shipping date will be listed in the product description (Ex. "Will be shipped 3-9 weeks" from 10/1").

If you'd prefer not to wait for a pre-order or back-order, it would be best to wait for the item to be back in stock. However, more often than not, it will be much harder for you to get your hands on the item as it may sell out quickly. The main benefit of a pre-order/ backorder is ensuring that you will get your hands on the item <3